American Wine Story from Three Crows Media on Vimeo.

An American Wine Story is a feature documentary that follows tales of risk and reinvention for those who are ‘born again’ into the wine industry.

Featuring Drew Bledsoe, Dick Erath, Pascal Brooks, Alan Baker, Katherine Cole, Jay Selman, Mike Officer and other winemakers and industry insiders from around the country, American Wine Story is an independent documentary feature.

she will bury them from Megan Hollingsworth on Vimeo.

The Lumineers - Stubborn Love from Isaac Ravishankara on Vimeo.

Concept by Isaac Ravishankara and Stelth Ulvang

Daughter: Talula Paulson
Mother: Beth Lepley
Father: Zack Kraus

Director: Isaac Ravishankara
Exec. Producer: Danielle Hinde
Prod. Co: Doomsday Ent.

Producer: Jason Colon
DP: Kevin Hayden
AD: Jesse Fleece
Production Design: Tyler Jensen
Stylist: Elise Velasco
1st AC: Spencer Goodall
Edit / Color: Isaac Ravishankara

Thank You -
David Altobelli, Mike Kaminsky, Stefanie Lynch & Thank You For Coming LA, Christen Greene, and Jonathan Denmark


a poem

eyes wide open |

thoughts on knowledge, proof, and being awake

there is a room

there is a room … waiting for you

postscript |

one thousand

and if you said

one thousand men will fall at your feet

and i said

one is all i want         just one who knows me

and you said

forget what i said            you are perfect

and sometime later

you drew me close enough

for me to share my dreams and visions with you

and you said

i wish you were here        i must go now

and i feared

you do not know me

and you said

i do know you, Truly

and i believed you              because i do believe you

and if when much later i surrendered

and accepted you had to go

Spirit did break through

and i lost my very breath

until i decided to live

because you are alive

if all that


i would turn one thousand away

for one thousand lifetimes

to be with you

and i will

- megan hollingsworth

i am glad for my fortress burned to ash |

experience is information

and the truest translator of information is the heart

and the heart is unbelievable when walled off by fear

Extinction Witness in the works